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Pay by Link Software

Pay by link is a fast and effective way of processing online payments from around the world in realtime. Pay by link software is not only extremely cost effective but it also means that payments can be accepted on the

How to Create a Fundraising Page

Find out how to create a customized fundraising page. An easy way to collect donations and help those in need. We accept all payment methods.

How to Send a Payment Request on WhatsApp

Learn how to send payment requests on WhatsApp for free. Use WhatsApp to send money internationally. Create your WhatsApp payment request now!

How to Send an Instagram Payment Request

Learn the quick and easy way to send an Instagram payment request for free! Sign up and get your money today. Send as many request as you want. It's simple!

Gumroad Alternative

Gumroad Alternative We are an alternative for Gumroad which is a membership platform that makes it easy for creators to get paid. Gumroad is a way to get paid for creating the things you’re already creating like webcomics, videos, songs,

Accept Visa Payments

Find out how to accept Visa and other payment methods all through one payment gateway. The quick and easy way to accept payments for all businesses from around the world. Start today!

Accept Donations on Your Website

Learn how to accept donations on your website. Whether you have a donations page, non-profit or other, this solution is right for you. Easy to use for both you and your donors. Get started now!

Accept QR Code Payments

Find out how to introduce QR code payments into your business to ensure quick and easy payments every time. It's simple, fun and saves plenty of time for both you and your customers.

Personal Trainer Payment Options

It is important to provide fast and easy payment options to your clients. Check out these great personal trainer payment options!

PayRequest Launches Affiliate Program

PayRequest Launches Affiliate Program! Starting today every PayRequest customer can use our affiliate program! So do you use and love PayRequest? Now you can promote our products and make a recurring income! We give you your own affiliate link, which

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